Etners Housing

Etners housing is a solution that provides one-stop service
focused on supported housing service.

Service details

Equipment : electronic, furniture, consumable goods, and etc
Interior : wallpaper, floor, curtains, cleaning, and etc

Effects of the Introduction

Providing a total service from moving in to moving out
Reduction of unit cost of purchase through a regular cost analysis and company sourcing
Building a clear work process by managing record of purchase and disposal
Managing housing status and statistics


Giving limit on personal applied amount of money
Able to focus on work through application and set up before entry
A clear work process from purchase to disposal of equipment/household furniture
Support of languages (Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese)
Exchange information
Currency Sell Buy
Client list
Customer Support
  • Email :
  • Person in charge: +82.70.8806.5154
  • Opening hours : 08:00~17:00(Korean time)
  • For inquiries, please use Q&A